Aw, Shucks

I’m lucky enough to work with some of the finest people around, and a few of them have taken the time to say some incredibly nice things about me. Believe me, no money changed hands…

"I met Tim quite serendipitously through a professional contact of mine. As a novice author, I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to him. I immediately felt that Tim was honest, sincere, and had integrity about helping me to develop my non-fiction book. Tim fulfilled all of our agreed upon work and was very helpful to me in developing my book project and shaping and editing its story. His knowledge and skills are priceless for an aspiring author. I absolutely recommend Tim."

—Elizabeth Barker

"I met and selected Tim Vandehey as a ghostwriter after an exhaustive national search.  Over the past five years, Tim and I have partnered together on a number of projects, ranging from an award-winning book to weekly blogs.  He's smart, a quick learner, great to work with and a talented writer.  I can't imagine working with anyone else."

—Dr. Foster Mobley

“I've been working with Tim since 1997; in fact, I think I was one of his first freelance clients. He possesses not just tremendous talent and speed as a writer, but a keen understanding of marketing, branding, publishing and much more. For me, he's been a valued ghostwriter and co-author, magazine editor, business partner, confidante, sounding board and friend. To anyone who is looking for the ideal collaborator to create not just a terrific book but a winning brand, two words: hire Tim. He is the finest writer that I've ever worked with and one of the best in the business. Period.”

—Peter Montoya

“If you're serious about bringing your dreams of becoming an author to life…look no further than Tim Vandehey.  He is one of the best creative collaborators I've ever worked with.  He is skilled at being able to bring out what's in your heart and help shape even the most raw ideas into fully fleshed out concepts.”
—DeVon Franklin
 “The writing of a book is an overwhelming process. To take a blank sheet of paper and make it jump out at you requires skill and art like no other. In our book, “Be Invincible,” it was essential to us that the book be written in a conversational manner. We wanted the reader to not only see the words but hear them as if the narrator was right in front of them, speaking to them in person.  Without a doubt Tim Vandehey achieved that goal, and as our co-writer, delivered big time.”
—Vince Papale